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LabSocket for Embedded Systems

LabSocket-Embedded (or "LabSocket-E") is a new version of LabSocket that allows developers to automatically create browser-based user interfaces for LabVIEW applications operating on National Instruments real-time platforms. These platforms include myRIO, sbRIO, FlexRIO, cRIO, and PXI.

LabSocket-E has been successfully operated on the following platforms:

  • cRIO-9012
  • cRIO-9030
  • cRIO-9063
  • cRIO-9068
  • cRIO-9074
  • cRIO-9081
  • Raspberry Pi 2 and 3
  • myRIO-1900
  • sbRIO-9606
  • sbRIO-9651
  • PXI-8110
  • cDAQ-9132
  • NI-7935R

The system has received National Instruments "Compatible with LabVIEW" certification and is listed in the LabVIEW Tools Network.

LabSocket is Certified as Compatible with LabVIEW

LabSocket-E Description

LabSocket-E features a Client Code Generator utility that operates on the developer's PC. This utility is used to automatically create the HTML and JavaScript-based browser client code and to deploy this code to a directory served by the HTTP server on the Real-Time platform. The developer then uses LabVIEW Project to deploy the Target VI and LabSocket-E Synchronizer code, invoked through a single VI on the Target VI block diagram, to the RT platform.

When the client code is loaded into a web browser, a representation of the Target VI front panel is rendered in the browser. The Synchronizer then operates in parallel to the Target VI to continuously synchronize the values of the Target VI Front Panel controls and indicators with the representations of these elements in the browser, as shown below. LabSocket-E does not require the use of the LabVIEW Run-Time engine or any browser plug-ins on the client platform, therefore, any modern browser on any platform may be used to access the Target VI.

LabSocket-E System Overview
LabSocket-E Overview

Note that unlike the desktop version of LabSocket, LabSocket-E does not require the use of the LabSocket Server Virtual Machine. This change is made possible by the use of the HTTP server on the RT platform and a direct WebSocket connection between the browser and Synchronizer.

LabSocket-E Details
  1. Compatible with National Instruments’ real-time platforms using the following operating systems: Real-Time Linux, VxWorks, or Phar Lap
  2. Software is sold on a per-developer-seat basis. i.e. Each copy of the development software may only be installed on a single PC
  3. Developers may deploy their RT target software to an unlimited number of RT platforms
  4. Remote access to VIs executing on desktop platforms is not supported by LabSocket-E. The current desktop version of LabSocket is recommended for this application.
  5. Supported elements and features include:
    • String controls and indicators, including support for password text style
    • Numeric controls and indicators
    • Boolean controls and indicators, including booleans with images
    • Picture ring controls and indicators
    • Waveform graphs
    • XY graphs
    • Tabs
    • Decorations
    • Multicolumn Listbox controls and indicators
    • Static picture elements
    • #LS_no_sync preprocessor tag to disable synchronization of specific elements
    • #LS_no_display preprocessor tag to block display in browser of specific elements
  6. The following are supported on cRIO-903x platforms when the Embedded UI is enabled
    • Dynamic picture elements
    • #LS_image preprocessor tag for high-resolution replication of any element
  7. The system operates only in "Basic" client mapping mode. In this mode one or more browser clients connect to a single instance of a VI.
  8. This version does not include the built-in user-authentication capability of the current desktop version of LabSocket.

Comparing LabSocket Versions

The Comparing LabSocket Versions page provides a detailed side-by-side comparison of LabSocket, LabSocket-E and LabSocket-E Student and Home Edition.


Fully functional evaluation copies of all versions of LabSocket and related User Guides are available on the Download Page.


To purchase LabSocket-E, visit the LabVIEW Tools Network LabSocket Page or the Purchase Page on this site.

Academic and Home Users in Thailand

Customers in Thailand may purchase LabSocket-E Student and Home Edition from Q-Wave Systems of Chonburi (Twitter and Facebook). Q-Wave Systems specializes in embedded system development and also provides LabVIEW training featuring LabSocket-E Student and Home Edition.


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