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Example Application: SportJury

SportJury White Paper (PDF) (256 kB)


Dynasys, D. Kölliker (, a custom LabVIEW development firm in Switzerland, used the LabSocket system to create SportJury, a distributed, multi-user application for judging ski competitions.  The primary objectives of the application are to improve the accuracy of score data entry and speed the aggregation of judge scores relative to previous paper based systems.

SportJury hardware includes multiple Apple iPod touch devices for use by ski competition judges and a server PC controlled by a system operator.  A wireless Local Area Network router enables communication between the iPods and PC at the competition site.

The system was first deployed at the Swiss Snow Happening in Saas-Fee, Switzerland in April 2011.  Pictures from the event are shown at right and video is available here.

In addition to being the first commercial LabSocket application, SportJury is believed to have the distinction of being the first commercial LabVIEW application to employ the HTML5 WebSocket interface.

Competitor with Judges in Background
Five Judges Entering Scores on SportJury iPod Devices
Data Aggregated on Server PC (click to enlarge)
SportJury System in Use at
Swiss Snow Happening 2011,
Saas-Fee, Switzerland

iPod Screenshots
Screenshots of Several SportJury Target VI States
Rendered in iPod Safari Browser (click to enlarge)

SportJury Technical Details    

The main physical components of the SportJury system (shown below) are as follows:

  • a Toshiba Tecra A10-1HJ laptop PC (the "Server PC") that uses the Windows 7 operating system
  • a TP-Link TL-WR1043ND wireless Ethernet router
  • Apple iPod touch devices

The following software operates on the Server PC:

  • the "Client Application" (Target VI) and "Server Application" (data aggregation software), both developed by Dynasys using LabVIEW
  • the LabSocket-MultiClient Support VIs, also written in LabVIEW
  • an Apache HTTP server
  • an Apache ActiveMQ Message Broker, running within a Java Virtual Machine

Additional software in the SportJury system is the HTML and JavaScript code that is automatically generated by the LabSocket system and executes on each of the iPod devices.

Note that since the HTTP server and Message Broker were installed directly on the Server PC, a separate LabSocket Server Virtual Machine was not required for this application.

Sport Jury Physical Configuration
SportJury Physical Components

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